Arctic Oil and Gas 

Successfully Navigating the Final Frontier

Successfully Navigating the Final Frontier

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High Risk, Responsibility & Reward

The Arctic is estimated to hold the largest of the world’s remaining untapped gas reserves. It is also believed to hold some of the largest undeveloped oil reserves in the world. The remaining Arctic hydrocarbon reserves are thought to be predominantly gas reserves. Some estimates indicate the remaining Arctic oil and gas reserves are approximately 75% gas and 25% oil.

Arctic oil and gas exploration and production is much more technically challenging compared to other environments. It is considered to be a high cost venture with many risks. Arctic oil and gas exploration and production faces challenges such as an extreme climate, a poor existing infrastructure, very long project lead times, more complex spill containment contingencies and competition from other sources of hydrocarbons. An added pressure with the associated environmental risks are protests and objections from various environmental groups. Most oil and gas exploration, and production companies, are consequently committed to exploit these needed resources in a safe and responsible manner while maintaining good environmental stewardship.

Despite these challenges, demand-driven high oil prices and technological improvements are making Arctic oil and gas more accessible.


Overcoming the Challenges

The extreme Arctic climate means that oil and gas production platforms and facilities must be specially designed and optimized to withstand these conditions. Features of these extreme conditions include a very low ambient temperature (as low as -50°C), permafrost, pack ice and icebergs. Operators often need to employ the use of icebreakers, ice class vessels and reinforced structures to surmount the challenges. Production machinery and equipment, if not designed and optimized properly; could be exposed to hydrate formation, dewpointing of seal gas, brittle fracture and other failures. It is important that process systems are designed to maintain the right fluid temperatures. In addition, the right material and technology selections have to be made for machinery and equipment that will operate in these conditions. Appropriate testing and performance monitoring should be carried for machinery in order to mitigate potential issues. Eta Energy provides oil and gas companies with bespoke solutions for designing and optimizing production machinery and process systems to operate successfully in these conditions. We have a reputation for technical flexibility as a result of being able to adapt well proven solutions to a variety conditions.


What We Offer

Our Arctic and Sub-Arctic oil and gas solutions include:-

  • Gas Compressor Station Design and Optimization for Arctic & Sub-Arctic Facilities
  • Gas Compression Technical Assurance for Arctic & Sub-Arctic Projects
  • Feasibility Studies for Arctic and Sub-Arctic Projects
  • Conceptual Design and Selection for Arctic and Sub-Arctic Projects
  • Pre-FEED for Arctic and Sub-Arctic Projects
  • Integrated Asset Modelling of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Fields.
  • Optimization of Rotating Equipment for Arctic and Sub-Arctic applications
  • Arctic and Sub-Arctic Field Development Studies
  • Rotating Equipment Technical Assurance
  • Owner/Client Engineer Services

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