Asset Integrity & Life Extension (KP4) 

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Dealing with Ageing Plants & Equipment Obsolescence

Ageing plants are increasingly required to operate beyond their initial design life, with technological improvements and hydrocarbons remaining significant for the foreseeable future. This is especially the case in mature oil and gas regions such as the North Sea where over 50% of platforms have exceeded design life. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) in the UK has recognised this and the need for harmonised guidance on dealing with asset life extension, equipment obsolescence and the consequent risks to asset integrity.  It was for this reason that it’s KP4 (Key Programme 4 – Ageing & Life Extension Offshore) inspection programme and guidance was set up from 2010-2013. The challenge for operating companies is to develop a new understanding of requirements for maintaining asset integrity in this post design life phase of operation.  Eta Energy has developed proven solutions and methodologies to assist operating companies in achieving these objectives.

Making Oil & Gas Facilities Fit for Service Beyond Design Life

Making Oil & Gas Facilities Fit for Service Beyond Design Life

Equipment obsolescence can be a huge stumbling block to plant life extension. It is always a challenge for operators of marginal fields who work with smaller profit margins to find cost-effective ways of tackling equipment obsolescence. Obsolescence issues can often cause inefficiency in operations, poor reliability and availability. Rectifying equipment obsolescence in an ageing plant can be disruptive and challenging. Eta Energy Solutions has a track record in providing the engineering technical support required to manage such situations.


Changes in Process Conditions

Significant changes in process conditions through time are one of the important issues that arise with asset life extension. Operation of process equipment in these conditions, away from their initial design duties, is often the root cause of other performance and integrity issues. Equipment performance monitoring and design modifications are essential to overcome the effect of these changes in process conditions. In line with KP4 guidance, Eta Energy provides advanced equipment performance monitoring, redesign and modification solutions to address this need. We are able to assess inspection reports and carry out analysis to ensure that critical equipment is fit for service.

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