Rospan Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) & Conceptual Design*



Field (Type): Novo & Vostochno Urengoy (Gas & Condensate Production; Onshore Russia)

Project Name: Rospan Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) & Conceptual Design

Value Added: Development of very complex but fast and accurate IAM to facilitate conceptual designs & full field development (FFD)


  • Duration: Approximately six months

  • Role: Project/Study Management & Engineering

  • Disciplines involved: Rotating Equipment Engineering, Project/Study Management, Reservoir Engineering, Process Engineering, Flow Assurance, and PVT Specialists.

  • Project interfaces: Direct with end client


  • Development of a robust and effective full field integrated asset model (IAM).

  • IAM to simulate quickly enough to be usable (i.e. in less than 48hrs)

    • previous attempts by others during a period of 8 years to develop this did not achieved desired results as simulations took too long (around one week) and did not provide the needed accuracy.

  • New IAM to be accurate enough to be relevant to their FFD objectives and ongoing operational optimisation of the field.