production optimization

Rospan Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) & Conceptual Design*


Field (Type): Novo & Vostochno Urengoy (Gas & Condensate Production; Onshore Russia)

Project Name: Rospan Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) & Conceptual Design

Value Added: Development of complex  IAM to facilitate conceptual designs & full field development

Andrew (AAD) Rewheel Gas Compression Study*

Client: BP

Field (Type): Andrew (Oil & Associated Gas; Offshore UK)

Project Name: Andrew (Andrew Area Development) Rewheel Gas Compression Study

Value Added: Improved efficiency, performance and integrity of process gas compression system. Redesign of process gas centrifugal compressors to handle tiebacks to Kinnoull, Arundel, LC and Mabel fields

Wellhead Compression Project Conceptual Study*

Client: Pluspetrol Peru Corporation

Field (Type): Camisea (Gas & Condensate production; Onshore Peru)

Project Name: Wellhead Compression Project Conceptual Study

Value Added: Field Development Roadmap; Production Optimization; Project Optimization including reduced CAPEX and increased NPV

Injection Enhancement Phase 2 Feasibility Study*

Client: Centrica Storage Limited

Field (Type): Rough (Gas Storage; Offshore & Onshore UK)

Project Name: Injection Enhancement Phase 2 Feasibility Study

Value Added: Appraisal of enhancement options; 23% increase in injection rates feasible; implementation road map