Front-End Field Development Studies

Reducing Expenditure; Increasing ROI

Reducing Expenditure; Increasing ROI

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The real value of any oil and gas field is determined by how much can be recovered from it with minimal and cost-effective investment. Good field development studies need to provide the best technical selection required to meet both investment and recovery objectives for the entire life of the field. Initial field development studies & front end loading must be made with both the present and future field requirements in mind. It is precisely for this reason that Eta Energy Solutions provides comprehensive field development studies for surface facilities which have led to significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. Eta’sfront-end loading & field development studies not only provides reduced expenditure but also meets or exceeds the owners’ operational and production objectives.

Eta Energy evaluates economic, production, operational, engineering, environmental, safety, future and business factors during front-end field development studies for gas compression facilities. We ensure that the optimum project direction is pursued while supporting our clients throughout the project phases from feasibility/appraisal, conceptual design, FEED, Engineering to operation.

As the era of “easy oil” transitions into a new period with an ever increasing number of marginal fields, the need for truly cost-effective field development solutions becomes even more imperative. Eta’s front-end studies ensure that marginal field data quality limitations are overcome to provide field development solutions that maximise the use of existing infrastructure and processing capacity. Our approach minimises CAPEX while debottlenecking existing surface facilities for improved deliverability.


The Challenge & Reward of Planning

The main objective for field development studies is asset & project optimization. However this is easier said than done for oil and gas fields. Very often field development optimization efforts are focused or biased towards the discipline areas of the development team. This often fails to produce robustly optimized development plans as the neglected sections of the development plan go on to become production and operational bottlenecks. In addition, oil and gas companies rely on generalist engineering consultancies that lack the specialism required to properly optimize any subsystem of a production field with any degree of complexity. The results from such conceptual design studies are not truly optimized and in some cases are not even technically and commercially feasible. Such concept selection studies focus on broad-brush options with emphasis on coarsely estimated economic comparisons without any in-depth consideration for the technical viability and therefore commercial sensibility of the selected option.  Eta Energy Solutions has developed a unique and proven approach for carrying out front-end studies which results in a truly optimized field development road map. Our specialisation in gas compression systems means that we have the capacity to handle some of the most complex field development studies. Our engineers have successfully carried out field development studies for some of the most complex fields in the world leading to CAPEX and OPEX savings worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“ I believe that any company which will work with…Eta Energy Solutions…can definitely hope for improving the efficiency of their business ”

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