Centrifugal Compressor Sizing & Optimization

Gas Compression Facilities - Getting it Right!

Gas Compression Facilities - Getting it Right!

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Maximizing Centrifugal Compressor Reliability and Efficiency

Multistage process gas compression systems at their worst can bring down an entire oil and gas production operation for months leading to significant lost revenue. Whether it is an oil field with  gas-lifted wells, a gas production field, or an offshore production hub, multistage centrifugal compressors are critical equipment for meeting system pressures. Their optimization is therefore necessary in order to achieve the highest level of reliability, efficiency and performance.  Eta Energy’s engineers have consistently achieved this for oil and gas operators.

Getting it Right from the Beginning

Oil & gas production facilities are usually the biggest cause of downtime or production deferment and within them, gas compression systems are one of the leading causes. Issues with compression systems have been identified as being accountable for at least 20 million barrels of oil equivalent each year in oil and gas production losses in the UK. Operating companies spend significant funds in overhauling existing multistage centrifugal compressor equipment for optimization purposes in order to resolve problems such as surging, meet pressures and improve performance. However in many cases the problems recur. This is because the majority of the problems are caused by the initial selection and design choices. Centrifugal compressors in oil and gas applications are not off the shelf “plug and play” equipment. They are bespoke and their ongoing design, sizing and selection optimization to the changing process conditions throughout the life of the field is essential. This will deliver optimum reliability. Over-reliance on the OEM by many operators often leads to a situation where a 'good' design is specified for the wrong process conditions or vice versa, inevitably leading to failures, surging, inability to meet pressures and poor performance. Eta Energy Solutions provides leading gas compression insight from the initial project stages ensuring that the correct solutions are implemented right from the start. Our engineers combine leading centrifugal compressor expertise with advanced understanding of oil and gas process systems, ensuring that the centrifugal compressor selection is perfect from the beginning and onward.


A Moving Target

Even when the initial centrifugal compressor selection and sizing is right, process conditions change throughout the life of the field and modifications to the centrifugal compressors need to be carried out in order to maintain reliability and avoid surging. Eta Energy’s engineers have successfully led and managed numerous modifications such as rewheels, redesigns, and revamps of gas compression systems leading to improved performance and energy efficiency.

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