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Production Facilities Optimisation for Energy Firms

Production Facilities Optimisation for Energy Firms

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Eta Energy Solutions is an oil and gas consultancy that helps energy firms get the best out of their new and existing production facilities. Engineering solutions presented by our team of experts gives opportunities for oil and gas companies to maximise production from their existing assets while minimising costs. Our leading expertise in gas compression systems, often at the heart of production operations, ensures that the highest levels of reliability and performance are maintained. Eta’s superior experience in greenfield & brownfield development studies and integrated asset modelling helps our clients maximise their return on investment as well as minimising expenditure.

“ I have no doubt that Eta Energy Solutions…will diligently and consistently deliver on their client objectives…”

Getting the Best out of Existing Oil & Gas Assets

Eta Energy’s solutions deliver increases in oil and gas production with minimal investments. By leading cost-effective design, operational and equipment modifications; production bottlenecks can be removed leading to higher levels of production. Our experience in asset optimization ensures that technical risks are made lower when executing minor and major modifications of existing assets.

Gas Compression Facilities – Getting it Right

Eta Energy’s industry-leading expertise in the optimization of gas compression systems has led to significant improvements in the reliability and availability of oil and gas assets. Our engineering knowledge ensures that gas compression systems are not just reliable, but deliver optimum levels of performance throughout the life of the field, leading to increases in production and reduction in operating costs. Whether the gas compression systems are used in EOR applications, Arctic conditions, LNG, unconventional or conventional applications, Eta Energy Solutions has the engineering flexibility to find the right solution.

Reducing Expenditure and Increasing ROI

Eta Energy helps energy firms maximise return on investment on their greenfield projects while minimising costs. We have experience in successfully handling complex oil and gas greenfield development planning projects. A major part of this is our industry-leading experience in integrated asset modelling. Our solutions help oil, gas and power generation companies optimize their greenfield projects throughout the project life cycle.

Eta Energy's Mission

Eta Energy Solutions vision is to optimize the harnessing of the world’s energy resources.

“ I believe that any company which will work with ... Eta Energy Solutions ... can definitely hope for improving the efficiency of their business”

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SPDC Nigeria Vendor Services Registered

SPDC Nigeria Vendor Services Registered