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      Quick on-demand access to leading expertise

Quick on-demand access to leading expertise

Eta Energy Solutions is an innovative engineering consultancy that is always thinking of the best new ways to serve our clients and meet existing gaps. One of the ways we are doing that is through our innovative Lease-a-ConsultantTM service.

Our Lease-a-ConsultantTM service is a cost-effective way for our clients to obtain quick access to the expertise of one of Eta’s engineering consultants. During a predetermined lease period, our clients can have fast on-demand access to their “leased” consultant (and his expertise) in order to provide on-going ad-hoc support & advice for their project, work or business objectives. This innovative service provides our clients quick access to leading technical and commercial expertise without this being limited to specific projects or objectives.

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How it works

The Lease-a-ConsultantTM service works on the basis of lease agreement covering a defined period. The minimum duration we currently offer at Eta Energy Solutions is three months. As part of the agreement, our client chooses an engineering consultant that they seek to have access to over the lease period. Once the agreement commences, the leased consultant becomes “on call” in a sense for the client over the lease period. This makes it quick, easy and straightforward for our clients to call upon needed technical support just when they need it. Our clients can expect to gain access to their leased consultant within a 48-hour notice period. This helps them avoid the need to go through cumbersome and potentially lengthy contractual processes each time they require the services of the consultant. The lease agreement provides our clients with a guarantee from Eta to release the leased consultant or a suitable alternative (on the rare occasion that the nominated consultant is unavoidably unavailable) within a 48-hour notice period.
Once the leased consultant is requested by our client, she can immediately (within the notice period) be available to them as a helpful technical resource or sounding board. In these arrangements, it is anticipated that most of the technical expertise and advice required by our clients will be provided remotely by our consultants from Eta offices using emails, phone, video calls or other suitable means of communication. However, on-site visits to or on behalf of our clients will be carried out when necessary and this will be subject to mutual scheduling convenience.

There will be a fixed lump-sum fee covering the lease period. The fee will be dependent on the consultant’s expertise & experience, the duration of the lease, and the type of lease.

Eta Energy Solutions offers two main types of lease as part of this service: -

  • Single-User Lease: In this arrangement, only one client contact has access to the consultant in question. In this case, the leased consultant and Eta Energy Solutions is only obliged to provide support to this particular client contact for his project/work objectives. Other people in the same organisation or team will have no access to leased consultant’s expertise.
  • Multi-User (Team) Lease: For multi-user leases, more than one nominated client contact will have access to the consultant in question and their technical expertise. The number and names of the nominated users will be agreed beforehand.

The technical and commercial support that the leased consultant can offer clients within the arrangement will be limited to the particular expertise and skills of the consultant which will be similar to one or more of Eta’s service offerings.

For further questions regarding our Lease-a-ConsultantTM service contact Eta Energy Solutions.

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