Production Optimization

Getting the Best out of Existing Oil & Gas Assets

Getting the Best out of Existing Oil & Gas Assets

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Increasing Oil & Gas Production Again and Again

Asset and Production Managers in the oil and gas industry are often tasked with maximising hydrocarbon production from existing assets with minimal and cost-effective modifications to existing facilities. As the operational costs of producing oil and gas increases due to staff shortages and increased production from marginal, unconventional and technologically challenging fields, there is greater need for cost-effective asset optimization. Eta Energy Solutions has built its entire philosophy on production optimization – getting the most production out of existing assets.

For Eta Energy, production optimization means maximising oil/gas production and recovery. It also means identifying modifications to existing facilities and operational philosophies which require the least effort but deliver the highest return.

Eta Energy Solutions engineers have a track record in asset optimization. In the past, production increases of up to 20% have been achievable and for some assets this could even be higher. Our production optimization solutions ensure that the reliability and availability of the producing facility is maximised. Eta’s drive for cost-effective asset optimization means that asset costs (capital and operating) are then minimized. Our leading expertise and experience ensures that technical risks are made lower by providing spot-on technical assurance with regards to major modifications such as redesigns, revamps, upgrades and overhauls.

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