Rotating Equipment Testing

Benchmarking & Improving Performance of Rotating Equipment

Benchmarking & Improving Performance of Rotating Equipment

Rotating Equipment Testing & Performance Benchmarking

How can we move beyond depending on vendor-predicted performance to verify and benchmark the as-installed performance of our rotating equipment? What is the current in-service performance of our centrifugal compressor equipment? How can we improve the performance of our rotating equipment? When is the best time to carry out performance recovering maintenance of our gas turbines? How can we guarantee that our newly purchased rotating equipment will work well in our service? These are all common questions Eta Energy Solutions have come across from clients. Our comprehensive testing & performance benchmarking service for rotating equipment provides great answers to these questions. 

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Factory Acceptance Test Witness & Support

At the early to mid-stage of the implementation of a new project, rotating equipment such as centrifugal compressors and gas turbines would need to be designed, selected, procured and manufactured. Factory Acceptance Tests aim to prove that the rotating equipment manufacturer has delivered on their contractual obligations in terms of the predicted performance and integrity of the newly manufactured equipment. It is therefore a very important step in the sign off process for newly built rotating equipment. The tests try to simulate the equipment’s working duty and prove the equipment’s aerodynamic, thermodynamic and rotordynamic performance is at a good standard.

The client or equipment owner has a huge responsibility during this process. These may include providing inputs to the proposed test procedure, witnessing the tests, and reviewing and approving the test results. Eta’s engineers have unique expertise and experience in the design and testing of rotating equipment and can therefore support clients through the entire witness testing process. Eta Energy Solutions is an independent consultancy, completely independent of any manufacturer or EPC contractor and can therefore provide totally independent quality assurance during this shop testing process. We have experience of ASME PTC 10 test standards (Class 1, 2 & 3) as well as API 617 and other related standards. We effectively act as Owner/Client Engineer throughout the process, making valuable inputs to the factory test plans/procedures, providing quality assuring witness of the tests (including independently verifying calculations) and providing an independent factory test report. Our valuable services will flag up potential problems early on and commit vendors to making them right while they are still contractually obliged to do so. This can lead to cost savings worth millions of dollars.


Field or Site Performance Testing

Once a rotating equipment package is commissioned and in service, there may be periodic requirements to carry out field or site testing of the equipment. This may be as a result of several reasons. Some of the most common reasons we have come across include the following:-

  • Part of the commissioning and post-commissioning process in order to benchmark as-installed performance of the equipment. This enables the operator to establish a meaningful performance baseline that can be targeted with maintenance interventions.
  • An additional layer of quality assurance to the factory tests, to demonstrate that the equipment will function as expected in its normal operating environment.
  • Part of troubleshooting efforts to determine causes of recurrent failures or performance shortfalls.
  • Exercise to generate performance curves and envelope for legacy equipment which has had several owners/operators as well as design modifications.  In many of these cases, the current operator cannot find or ascertain the most up-to-date vendor design curves.

Whatever the reason for wanting a field performance test, Eta Energy Solutions have practical experience and expertise at conducting site based performance tests for rotating equipment like API 617 centrifugal compressors and gas turbine packages. We are able to conduct such tests to a high level quality in all kinds of locations, whether onshore or offshore.  We are also able to analyse the test results and provide technical leadership regarding the maintenance or operational response required.


Performance Monitoring

You've got the data because you measure most things around your production facility and have a good quality historian system; however you feel that you could make better use of the data. You feel that you could make better use of the live and historical data from the historian to provide useful information and intelligence which mean that you are ahead of the game with respect to the operation and maintenance of your facility. If you can identify with this, then Eta Energy Solutions are just the right consultants to assist you. Our engineers have experience of both remote and real-time performance of monitoring of rotating equipment. We have experts who have developed performance monitoring tools and software for clients as well as have used historian systems like OSISoft PI to create real-time performance monitoring solutions for clients. We have also been able to use existing client systems to remotely monitor rotating equipment performance and provide periodic (e.g. weekly) technical notes on the performance of their rotating equipment systems. These reports recommend maintenance or operational interventions that could be made in the future to arrest performance losses.


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