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Resourcefulness, Responsibility & Stewardship

Resourcefulness, Responsibility & Stewardship

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From the Conventional to the Unconventional

Conventional resources have declined due to the production of oil and natural gas over the years. The majority of the hydrocarbon resources that can be produced using conventional methods are already being accessed. This depletion in conventional resources, as well as technological improvements and persistent global demand, have all given rise to the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas resources.

Unconventional oil and gas does not flow naturally through rock and cannot be produced economically using only conventional oil and gas production methods. Wells containing unconventional oil and gas need to be stimulated (usually by hydraulic fracture stimulation) in order to be produced economically. Fracture treatments of low permeability wells have been in use since the 1950s, although there have been recent improvements in technology. Most oil and gas companies are committed to producing unconventional oil and gas using tested technology in a responsible way.

Today, unconventional oil and gas includes tight gas, shale gas, coalbed methane, tight oil, oil sands and heavy oil. In general, unconventional oil and gas production is more expensive than conventional production methods.


Tight Gas

Tight gas reservoirs are usually very low permeability rocks with poorly connected pores. Unlike shale gas which is found in shale stone, tight gas is usually found in sandstone. The permeability of tight gas reservoirs are very low, usually fractions of a millidarcy. Tight gas reservoirs also tend to have poor porosity. This makes it difficult for the gas to flow naturally through the rock. It is common to see a multiplicity of wells in tight gas reservoirs in order to access more volume of gas. Horizontal wells and multilateral wells can also be deployed in order to reach more gas volumes in some naturally fractured tight gas reservoirs. In general, more data and personnel are required in order to develop tight gas reservoirs. Eta Energy Solutions provides valuable field development and production machinery expertise, assisting oil and gas companies in developing their tight gas fields.


Our Solutions

Our Unconventional oil and gas solutions include:- 

  • Tight Gas Field Development Planning
  • Tight Gas Compression System Design Selection, Sizing and Optimization
  • Integrated Asset Modelling
  • Owner/Client Engineer Services 
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design and Selection
  • Pre-FEED
  • Tight Gas Asset Optimization

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