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Integrated Asset Modelling - A Key Tool

Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) is also known as Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) or Integrated Production System Modelling. It is the system modelling and simulation of the entire oil and gas field consisting of subsurface and surface facilities. Integrated asset modelling seamlessly captures the complex interactions between the reservoir, wells, flowlines and process facilities. It therefore facilitates the comprehensive and cost-effective evaluation of various what-if development and operational scenarios.

A Key Optimization Approach

A Key Optimization Approach

Operating companies are increasingly realising that field development studies cannot be based on reservoir simulation predictions alone. Production simulations and forecasts have to capture the entire asset and integrated asset modelling is best suited for this. This enables oil and gas production companies determine the optimum field development approach. Eta Energy Solutions has developed leading expertise in integrated production modelling. This expertise has successfully served and supported operating companies, ensuring that they get the best out of their greenfield projects.

Integrated production modelling is also immensely useful for analysing existing production assets. It is beneficial in optimizing the production of well fluids. For example, in gas-condensate fields, integrated production models can be used to determine an operational regime that will maximise condensate production or the production of richer hydrocarbons. Integrated production system models are also very useful for preparing short, medium and long term production forecasts. These forecasts are better than simply using only reservoir predictions as they take into consideration the effects of the downstream equipment on overall production. Integrated production system modelling is therefore a fantastic way to identify, reduce and eliminate production bottlenecks. Eta’s engineers have successfully built and deployed integrated production system models for some of the largest and most complex fields in the world.

I believe that any company which will work with…Eta Energy Solutions…can definitely hope for improving the efficiency of their business
— S.V. Buchinskiy, ROSNEFT

The challenge for most oil and gas companies is that integrated asset models require a lot of effort and expertise to develop and maintain. It also requires a multidisciplinary approach and understanding which can be a challenge in terms of execution and ownership due to the functional structure of a lot of oil and gas companies. In many instances when integrated asset models have been developed by oil and gas companies, they are often not accurate enough or too slow and cumbersome to be relevant to asset optimization efforts.

One of the key objectives of Eta Energy Solutions is to help oil and gas companies overcome these challenges. Eta Energy’s experts have a track record of successfully developing, setting up and deploying integrated asset models for the majority field optimization scenarios. Our specialists do not only have proficiency in using industry-standard integrated asset modelling software to solve problems but also have experience in the development of integrated asset modelling software. So we really know how they function and how best they should work. Some of the software our engineers use confidently include:-

Petroleum Experts IPM

  • Petroleum Experts RESOLVE

  • Petroleum Experts MBAL

  • Petroleum Experts PROSPER

  • Petroleum Experts GAP

Schlumberger Integrated Asset Modelling

  • Schlumberger IAM

  • Schlumberger ECLIPSE

  • Schlumberger PIPESIM

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